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Basic etiquettes to impress teachers or professor

Just like you would engage in certain activities to obtain a promotion or impress your boss or superior, your professor needs to be impressed as well. Professors/Teachers are human beings with their own issues and concerns. They also have good and bad days. While most attempt to be positive, this can become difficult on tough days when no one seems to be listening or caring about what they are learning. When a student comes into class with a great attitude and a winning personality, it can make a huge difference. Below are some of the best ways to impress your Professor/teacher. So pick the tips that work for you and start implementing. PAY ATTENTION

if your teacher/professor asks you to bring in a specific book to class, bring it. Write reminders if you have to, but come prepared. Turn in your assignments on time, and be prepared for tests. Take a few minutes each evening to study what you have learned in class. Show that you care and are very attentive in the class room.
Try to…

Importance of an IFSC Code in Your Fund Transfer

When you are sending/transfer your money, you want to make sure that your funds reach the intended bank. Transferring funds to the wrong bank can cause many problems, the transaction cannot be automatically reversed. Sending funds to the wrong bank can be easily done, whether you entered the wrong details for whatever reason, or maybe the banker is to blame.This is where the IFSC-code comes into play. What Is An IFSC Code?IFSC Code, is also known as Indian Financial System Code. An IFSC code consists of 11 characters. Usually, the first 4 characters identify banks name. The fifth character is 0. The last 6 characters identify the branch of the bank. Why is Indian Financial System Code needed?Basically, transferring funds was done off of the internet. Face to face with a banker. You would detail how much money you want to transfer and to what destination bank account. With today's technology, there has been a massive shift to online transactions and it is the new trend. To make a fin…

How Do Extracurricular Activities Enhance students Development?

College experience includes not just academics, but extracurricular activities as well. There may be hundreds of activities to choose from on your campus, but how do you select those that are ideal for you? Participating in the right extracurricular's can help you to follow your passion, learn new skills,  network professionally. Read this article to try several new activities that could greatly enhance your college experience! Sports
participating in sports is a great way to showcase your teamwork, leadership skills that you place an emphasis on athletics and physical fitness. While athletics are a platform to demonstrate these important traits, it is common for students to participate in them and may not hold as much significance as when balanced with other activities. It's ideal to choose activities from different categories, both social and academic, so that colleges are able to see your wide range of talents and strong character traits.
Academic Teams and Clubs

Joining an aca…

Importance and ways of self -education

What is the importance of self- education?
Value of education is stressed upon us from an early age starting with our teachers pushing us to achieve higher grades, to our parents' desire for us to continue to college. It may be your high school, college or university whatever it may be you will listen one thing commonly from all your professor i.e., try to learn yourself (self-education). You may get a doubt that Is self-education really important in life ?  Can you educate yourself ?
          Yes, Self education is really important in everyone's life because self-educated individual can aim to learn a little bit about everything and they can work hard toward mastering a single subject. It is the act of taking your learning into your control. It will help you to success on a personal and financial level. Everyone can benefit from  self-education, this is especially true if you run your own business. Of course you can educate yourself. It requires a willingness to learn, self-di…