Most Helpful Apps for Students : Education made easy with mobile apps

Student life involves dealing with assignments, tests, exams and many more. The higher the class, the more will be the burden and more will be the work to accomplish. The higher the class, higher will be the responsibility. So, in between the responsibilities, one should try and make his/her work easy by making use of computer as well as various mobile applications. In Today's generation everyone are looking for different technologies for their educational needs. Paper can get lost, but the app once downloaded is stored in the mobile for long time. Moreover, it is convenient to have application rather than carrying papers everywhere you go. So, for more convenience various applications are designed for the graduate students and those are as follows


Evernote/ Memo

Evernote is great for syncing your notes across devices, but it's also an audio recorder. You can use it to record parts of lecture or ideas for a research paper. With a stylus, you can actually take notes in your own handwriting on the iPad. You can also convert your handwritten notes to digital text that you can export to Evernote, Gmail or any other text application. Whether you're working on your own, Evernote allows you to write notes, checklists and research. You can also organize web articles, docs and photos by topic. Finally, you can share it all with others or create a presentation right within the app. It's free to download.


IStudiez Pro

This is an excellent app for prioritizing your assignments and keeping track of your schedule. iStudiez can sync with your calendar, alert you when an assignment/meeting is almost due, and helps you visualize your entire week. But it is a paid app.



This app is meant for writing. Penultimate is a very easy app to use, especially on iPad. This application gives you an experience of writing on the paper without actually scribbling and it  makes you comfortable with the usage of tablet.



Dropbox allows you to share your documents, videos, photos, and other files with anyone, anywhere. You can also use it to access your own files while on the go.



This app is optimized for the all sorts of gizmos like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. It gives the user's ability to go through kindle books, magazine, textbooks, and newspapers, PDFs on simple and easy to use interface.



If you have an interest in reading, and then get this app on your mobiles or on any of the electronic devices you use. This is a magazine which provides you news, stories, pictures, videos and articles based on your interests. You can keep yourself updated by reading the news on a daily basis through this application.



Carrying your laptop to school on a daily basis is a nuisance in itself. It needs lots of attention and care. But do not worry as this app of keynote helps you to prepare your power point presentations along with creating designs and displaying it in front of the whole class.


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