Difference between In-campus living and Off-campus living ?

The first idea that comes to people's minds when you tell college life, is housing. Some people consider off campus staying as they want to establish a foundation for their future independent adult life. Others may think that it is not yet time to move, but to focus on studies, independence later. Well, it all depends on your priorities and personality. On campus and off campus housing offer different experiences, although they have similarities as well.

On campus



You just need to walk few steps to attend lessons. When classes are done and feel exhausted, you can easily move to your hostel and have meals with all the comfort. You have access to the college facilities at any time.


Housing Conditions

Well, this is very relative. Private institutions offer better housing than public.



It is usually very rare for colleges to experience the lack of basic requirements such as electricity and water unless the entire town or surrounding is also affected. You are almost guaranteed to have access to these needs on a daily basis.



It is very clear that on campus housing is very cheap, You can also have your meals in the college cafeteria where the prices are standardised Read more...



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