What is the best way to pay for college?

Paying for College 

The total cost of college depends on where you go, how you budget and if you receive any financial aid, there are five standard expenses that you have to consider:


Tuition Fee

This is cost of your education. keep in mind, if you choose an out of state college the tuition fee will be slightly higher.



Whether you are living on campus or off, your room stay is more expense. It includes housing, meal plans, utilities, parking and anything else included in the cost of living.


Books and Supplies

This is the cost of course materials. Prospective students usually overlook this cost category, but it is one that’s growing.



If you’re going to college far from home, travel expenses will be high. If you’re attending a college close to home, if you plan on living off campus and going to college,  you need to factor in transportation costs between home and classes.



This is the cost of that morning coffee, late-night pizza and monthly phone bill. Personal expenses can add up, especially in metropolitan areas Read more...


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