Facts about Blood Functions and Composition

Blood is a liquid combination of plasma and cells that float in it. It is a specialized body fluid that delivers essential substances and nutrients, such as sugar, oxygen and hormones to our cells, and carries waste away from those cells. These wastes are removed from the body in urine, feces, sweat and lung also contains coagulating agents.
Types of Bloods:
Types of blood
Red blood cell: It is also known as RBC or Erythrocytes. RBC has a life span about 4 months.
White blood cell: It is also known as WBC or Leukocytes. WBC contains two types of cells called as Lymphocytes and Ganulocytes.
platelets:  It is also called as Thrombocytes.It is involved in clotting of blood.http://www.citybusinessinfo.com/blog/post/facts-about-blood-functions-and-composition


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