How to Choose an Online High School

Online high schools have been growing at a very fast rate. While colleges that offer distance learning programs have become increasingly competitive with each other. Choosing an online high school has become a challenge. Parents need to find a virtual program that offers an accredited diploma and provides academic support for students. Asking the right questions will help you find the online high school that best meets your needs and requirement.

What type of online high school is this?

There are four types of online high schools and named as
  • private schools
  • public schools
  • charter schools
  • university sponsored schools.
  • Being familiar with these school types will help you sort through your options.

Who accredits this school?
If it does not have recognized accreditation, you should be careful. Yes, there are some acceptable programs that only have state approval. Be careful, though, that the approval includes oversight and is not just a license to do business. You can find recognized accreditors at the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. An online high school that is regionally accredited will have the widest acceptance. Keep an eye out for unaccredited and diploma mill schools – these programs will take your money, leaving you with an inferior education and a worthless diploma.


What Curriculum Is Used ?

Your online high school should have a time-tested curriculum that meets your child's academic needs (remedial, gifted, etc). Ask about additional programs such as special education, college prep, or advanced placement.

What Training And Qualifications Do The Teachers Have ?

Be wary of online high schools that hire teachers without a college diploma or teaching experience. Teachers should be credentialed, know how to work with teenagers, and be comfortable with computers.

How Long Has This Online School Existed?

Online schools come and go. Choosing a school that has been around for longer can help you avoid the trouble of trying to transfer schools at a later date.


What Percent Of Students Graduate?

You can learn a lot by an online high school's graduation track record. Be aware that certain types of schools (such as academic recovery programs) will always have a smaller number of graduates.

How Many Students Go On To College?

If college is important to you, choose an online high school that sends a lot of its graduates to college. Be sure to ask about services such as college counseling, SAT preparation, and admissions, placement assistance.

What Are The Expenses For These Online Schools?

Most private schools charge tuition fee by the end of a semester. Public programs may provide classes free of charge, but require parents to pay for expenses such as computers, software, and internet connections. Ask about additional charges for curriculum, technology fees, graduation fees, and all other expenses. Also, ask about discounts, scholarships, and payment programs.

Is There Any Extra Charge For Additional Help?

Some online high schools require students to work independently and turn in assignments by email. Other programs have virtual "classrooms" that allow students to interact with teachers.Find out if there are any clubs or social events available to students. Some schools offer extracurricular virtual programs that engage students and look good on a resume. While there are many excellent options in online high schools, there are also many that are not good choices. The typical problem is acceptability. Colleges typically require the high school to have accreditation in some form. While not an absolute rule, one needs to be careful.

Few Things To Consider When Looking At An Online High School

Fake schools, not surprisingly, have been known to invent fake accreditation. Yes, your friend with the 7 day high school diploma got a job. However, if she gets caught, and she will eventually get caught, she will likely be fired. Even if, and this is important, even if she did not know it was a fake school. The most common mistake is investing money into a school that was not a school. Do your own research. check its accreditation at Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).  Importantly, you cannot earn a high school diploma by taking a test online. You cannot earn a high school diploma in one week or one month. High school diplomas requires real work.


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